ABC Primetime Investigative Report on Protandim

ABC Primetime Investigation with John Quinones ran a very informative special on the Protandim product. Research conducted at the Webb-Waring Antioxidant Research Institute at the University of Colorado in Denver, and eleswhere, have scientifically validated the effectiveness of Protandim in protecting against free radicals and oxidative stress.

According to Dr. Joe McCord, a world-renowned research scientist who has devoted his life to the study of free radical biology, “This preparation reduces oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is not a disease, just like aging is not in itself a disease. But it is something that accompanies and is attached to many disease processes.”

“Within several days the biological markers of oxidative stress begin to decrease.” Dr. McCord explains that Protandim “protects your body from the relentless progression of free radical damage as we age. The anti-aging aspect of Protandim is one that accumulates over time. So the longer you take it the more protection you will sustain.”

After just two weeks on Protandim, John Quinones reported, “I am sleeping better. I feel a lot better, and also energized when I do wake up.”

After listening to this ABC Primetime Report, you may want to learn more about the science behind Protandim.  Throughout this website we present a great deal more information that has developed since this report was produced.  Included are several hours of videos that relate the scientific history leading to the development of Protandim, and details of further discoveries of the effectiveness of this wonderful product.