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Regardless of what business you are in, marketing is an essential element for success. Consequently I keep my eyes and mind open for new marketing tools that might be helpful, not only to my own business, but also for my friends in their businesses.

Here I’ll post information and links to some of those business and marketing tools I believe have the greatest potential.  Some of the products and service I mention are things I have used myself, while others have been recommended by others whose judgment I trust.

Please give me your feedback.  If you buy or have personal experience with something I recommend, please share your experience with me.

In the interest of full disclosure I must tell you that some of these recommendations may result in a referral or affiliate commission if you make a purchase.  But I will only recommend things that I have reason to believe are truly beneficial.  If you should purchase anything I recommend that you do not find valuable, or if have negative past personal experience with something I recommend, please let me know.

Web Hosting from MidPhase

I have been involved in the Internet in one way or another since the early days in the mid 1990s.  I have even owned Internet Service Providers.  So when I recommend a web hosting company, I do so based on my many years of experience.  That said I strongly recommend MidPhase for reliable web hosting services.  If you have a website, or plan on creating one, turn to MidPhase with confidence.  I’ll even back that up by promising to help you get set up, if you purchase the service using my referral link and have any difficulty at all.

For a limited time, I believe only until the end of January, MidPhase is offering an incredible offer of a 30% discount. To claim your discount use the coupon code PRICEFREEZE on checkout. That is a savings you cannot afford to pass up.

Are you running a subscription or membership site, and need software to manage it all? CGI Central has a powerful and full-featured membership/subscription software for your website called
aMember Professional.

Need a product to promote your internet marketing efforts?  Check out IDplr.

5787+PLR Products!

Another valuable resource to find useful tools for Internet and Network Marketing professionals is  That website is devoted to supporting entrepreneurs involved in Network Marketing and Internet Marketing pursuits.


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