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Zig Ziglar shares some personal moments in this interview.

This motivational masterpiece is a classic. (2:13:00)

“You have to put something in, before you can get anything out.”

More inspiring truth and wisdom from Zig Ziglar: Everyone sells, every day of their life. Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment. You need identifiable objectives. The healthiest of all human emotions is gratitude.

Are we setting goals or making excuses? It is a choice, either way. Zig Ziglar reinforces the concept of setting goals. The people who wait on change “get cooked in the squat.”

Just as you can choose anything in life, “You can choose to set goals, and realize your potential.” Zig Ziglar explains the essential nature of setting goals. (Part 1 of 3)

“We are a land of sales people.” This timeless, humorous talk by the “salesman’s salesman” amuses & inspires, putting the sales profession & selling into correct perspective. “Selling is something you do for somebody, not to somebody.” 27 min.

Dr. Day McKee, MD shares his excitement about Protandim as a revolutionary antioxident supplement.

Fitness professional Gabe Pearson discusses his discovery of Protandim on ABC Primetime, and adds his professional expertise to underscore the importance of this antioxidant product.

ABC’s John Quinones notes that after just 2 weeks on Protandim, “I am sleeping better. I feel a lot better, and also energized, when I do wake up.