Dr. Joe McCord

Ohio State University’s 4-year study concluded in 2010 that Protandim prevents blood vessel blockage following coronary artery bypass surgery. Protandim has potential in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Joe McCord explains the term Nutrigenomics, the study of how dietary components — the foods we eat -– interact with human DNA. He also discusses Protandim’s potential in helping to quit smoking and overcoming other addictive behavior.

Dr. McCord explains the peer review process and the PubMed database of peer-reviewed published biomedical literature supporting the science supporting Protandim.

Dr. McCord talks about the Eureka moment in 1968 at his discovery of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), and the 4 decades of research leading to the development of Protandim.

In this first convention for Protandim distributors, Dr. Joe McCord, PhD. summarizes 7 major Protandim peer-reviewed scientific publications from 2006 to 2011.