Oxidative Stress

Dr. Day McKee, MD shares his excitement about Protandim as a revolutionary antioxident supplement.

Fitness professional Gabe Pearson discusses his discovery of Protandim on ABC Primetime, and adds his professional expertise to underscore the importance of this antioxidant product.

Singer Donny Osmond attributes his vitality and youthfulness to his use of Protandim.

Ohio State University’s 4-year study concluded in 2010 that Protandim prevents blood vessel blockage following coronary artery bypass surgery. Protandim has potential in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. McCord explains the peer review process and the PubMed database of peer-reviewed published biomedical literature supporting the science supporting Protandim.

ABC Primetime Investigation with John Quinones produced this informative special on the Protandim product in 2005, before the product was supported by a distribution channel.